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Sir Colin Davis / Haydn

    1. Die Schöpfung: Part I, No 9, Nun Beut Die Flur Das Frische Grun
    2. Die Schöpfung: Part I, No 14, Die Himmel Erzahlen Die Ehre Gottes
    3. Symphony No 92 in G Major, 'Oxford Symphony': I. Adagio - Allegro spiritoso
    4. Symphony No 93 in D Major: IV. Finale, Presto ma non troppo
    5. Die Jahreszeiten: Der Fruhling: No 2 Chor des Landvolks - "Komm, holder Lenz!"
  • Catalogue Number LSO5101
    UPC 822231510123

    James Mallinson producer
    Classic Sound Ltd engineering, editing, mixing & mastering
    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican, October,
    June 2010 and May, June, October, December 2011

    Bundle comprises:

    LSO0628 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Die Schöpfung (The Creation)
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 102m 49s

    LSO0702 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Symphonies Nos 92, 93 & 97-99
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.0 surround mixes
    Total playing time 132m 54s

    LSO0708 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons)
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 128m 35s

    Booklet notes in English, French and German.
    Text in German with English translation.

  • LSO0628 Die Schöpfung (The Creation)

    'His [Sir Colin Davis] response to the actual sound of the piece is beautifully managed throughout, with Haydn's sense of wonder coming vividly alive. The LSO is on unimpeachable form, with many thrilling individual touches ... The sound is excellent, covering the entire picture while simultaneously setting out plenty of detail.' BBC Music Magazine

    ***** 'The LSO's magnificent playing of this awe-inspiring work is an immediate reminder of the impact of Sir Colin Davis's conducting. He has chosen excellent soloists for their various roles - the soprano Sally Matthews, tenor Ian Bostridge and baritone Dietrich Henschel - and the chorus are in superb voice.' The Sunday Telegraph

    'It seems to me to get the spirit of the work exactly right, achieving lightness without losing a sence of substance, offering precision as well as a feeling of spontaneity ... The choral singing, meanwhile, is incisive throughout.' The Sunday Times

    ***** 'From first to last this recording has a definitive quality about it ... His [Sir Colin Davis] whole approach is filled with life and energy: this reading is about the youthful sparks of earthly creation ... That spirit, albeit refined and given focus by Davis's consummate artistry, pervades just about every bar and inspires all involved.' Classic FM Magazine

    LSO0702 Symphonies Nos 92, 93 and 97-99

    Top 10 Discs of 2014
    'These performances simply radiate joy: you can almost see Davis's benevolent smile… I really can't recommend these new performances highly enough.' Presto Classical

    Album of the Week Classic FM

    **** Performance **** Recording BBC Music Magazine

    **** Pizzicato


    ***** Editor’s Choice ‘Colin Davis is alive to every nuance of Haydn’s late masterpiece. The conductor’s lightness of touch allows the music to flow like quicksilver … The soloists are also on beguiling form … Sir Colin, revelling in his glorious Indian summer with the LSO, points heavenwards in this visionary reading of Haydn’s late masterpiece.’ Classic FM Magazine

    'Davis’s affection is palpable at every turn of this handsomely balanced reading. The London Symphony Orchestra plays beautifully for him ... the soloists are also strong, especially the pure-voiced soprano Miah Persson.' The Classical Review

    'After listening to this loving and joyous performance of this last mighty effort from the old composer's incomparable pen, you are likely to come away convinced that The Seasons is, in its very different way, another glorious musical celebration of the creation itself ... Colin Davis's credentials in Haydn are known to all ... he can do drama and energy, delicacy and charm, you name it.' International Record Review

    ‘With the LSO on prime form ... he [Colin Davis] is as responsive as ever both to the zest and humour of this most joyous of oratorios, and to the symphonic / contrapuntal grandeur of movements like the final chorus of Spring ... this exhilarating and affectionate LSO performance can be recommended to anyone wanting The Seasons in German, performed with modern instruments on the grand scale we know Haydn relished.’ Gramophone

£20.00 £36.97

Sir Colin Davis, 
London Symphony Orchestra

Buy all 3 of Sir Colin Davis' Haydn releases on LSO Live for the special price of £20.00.

Bundle contains: 

  • Haydn Die Schöpfung / The Creation (normal price £12.99)
  • Haydn Die Jahreszeiten / The Seasons (normal price £11.99)
  • Haydn Symphonies Nos 92 & 93 and 97-99 (normal price £11.99)

Composer   Haydn
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Chorus
Soloists   Sally Matthews, Miah Persson, 
Ian Bostridge, Jeremy Ovenden, 
Dietrich Henschel, Andrew Foster-Williams

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