Stravinsky: Firebird, Bartok: Piano Concerto No 3, The Miraculous Mandarin, Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet Suite – LSO Live

Stravinsky: The Firebird

  • Catalogue Number LSO5078
    UPC 822231507826

    Edward Haber, Bill Moss, Irene Trudel and George Wellington for NYPR recording engineers
    Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd post-production & CD mastering

    Recorded live on 24 October 2015 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center by WQXR, New York's Classical Station

    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • **** ‘The complete Firebird, long a Gergiev speciality, seems here even more sharply defined that earlier accounts – with, for instance, illuminating attention paid to the curious Allegro rapace marking of the Firebird’s dance. And the combination of largeness of scale and extreme tonal refinement of Yefim Bronfman’s solo Bartok playing is answered with wonderful specificity by conductor and orchestra.’
    BBC Music Magazine


Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra

Recorded live at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, this album was captured during Valery Gergiev's penultimate concert as LSO Principal Conductor. A selection of repertoire that always fires the Russian's imagination, it's a perfect example of the best music making his relationship with the Orchestra could produce.

Stravinsky’s Firebird was an instant hit with audience and critics alike at its 1910 premiere and has retained this popularity throughout the following century.

The legacy of Bela Bartok's Piano Concerto No 3 and The Miraculous Mandarin are similarly exalted. Piano Concerto No 3 is Bartók’s final work, performed here by legendary soloist Yefim Bronfman, having been completed only four days before the composer succumbed to a long battle with leukaemia, while The Miraculous Mandarin, performed here in the suite version, is dramatic, mysterious and sinister.

In addition, this release features excerpts from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, which significantly marks the composer's 125th anniversary.

Composer   Stravinsky, Bartok, Prokofiev
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
Soloists   Yefim Bronfman

Track list
1. Introduction
First Tableau
2. Le Jardin enchanté de Kachtcheï (The Enchanted Garden of Kastchei)
3. Apparition de l'Oiseau de feu, poursuivi par Ivan Tsarévitch(Appearance of the Firebird, Pursued by Prince Ivan)
4. Danse de l'Oiseau de feu (Dance of the Firebird)
5. Capture de l'Oiseau de feu par Ivan Tsarévitch (Capture of the Firebird by Prince Ivan)
6. Supplications de l'Oiseau de feu (Supplication of the Firebird) –Apparition des treize princesses enchantées (Appearance of the Thirteen Enchanted Princesses)
7. Jeu des princesses avec les pommes d'or (The Princesses' Game with the Golden Apples). Scherzo
8. Brusque apparition d'Ivan Tsarévitch (Sudden Appearance of Prince Ivan)
9. Khorovode (Ronde) des princesses (Khorovod (Round Dance) of the Princesses)
10. Lever du jour (Daybreak) – Ivan Tsarévitch pénètre dans le palais de Kachtcheï (Prince Ivan Penetrates Kastchei's Palace)
11. Carillon Féerique, apparition des monstres-gardiens de Kachtcheï et capture d'Ivan Tsarévitch (Magic Carillon, Appearance of Kastchei's Monster Guardians, and Capture of Prince Ivan) – Arrivée de Kachtcheï l'Immortel (Arrival of Kastchei the Immortal) – Dialogue de Kachtcheï avec Ivan Tsarévitch (Dialogue of Kastchei and Prince Ivan) – Intercession des princesses (Intercession of the Princesses) – Apparition de l'Oiseau de feu(Appearance of the Firebird)
12. Danse de la suite de Kachtcheï, enchantée par l'Oiseau de feu (Dance of Kastchei' Retinue, Enchanted by the Firebird)
13. Danse infernale de tous les sujets de Kachtcheï (Infernal Dance of All Kastchei's Subjects) – Berceuse (L'Oiseau de feu) (Lullaby) – Réveil de Kachtcheï (Kastchei's Awakening) – Mort de Kachtcheï (Kastchei's Death) – Profondes ténèbres (Profound Darkness)
Second Tableau
14. Disparition du palais et des sortilèges de Kachtcheï, animation des chevaliers pétrifiés, allégresse générale (Disappearance of Kastchei's Palace and Magical Creations, Return to Life of the Petrified Knights, General Rejoicing)

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