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Mahler: Symphony No 4 – LSO Live

Mahler: Symphony No 4

  • Catalogue Number LSO0662
    UPC 822231166221

    James Mallinson producer
    Neil Hutchinson and Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineers

    Recorded January 2008, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • ****½ ‘Gergiev’s Mahler Fourth begins so slowly, you wonder how he can reach the end of the symphony. But gradually, the method behind this apparent madness reveals itself: Gergiev doesn’t play the rustic charms of the opening movement like a memory of Mozart, rather he encompasses a wider pastoral perspective filed with menacing undercurrent ... Gergiev’s serene conclusion is beautifully heard.’
    Classic FM Magazine

    ‘Gergiev’s febrile intensity lends itself well to the neurotic quality of Mahler’s music ... the orchestra is superb.’
    Daily Telegraph


Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra

Using a reduced orchestra, unusually without any lower brass, Mahler’s Fourth Symphony is influenced by the trend to revive the classical style of Haydn and Mozart, as a reaction against the monumental ‘Wagnerian’ romanticism of its predecessors. The work is based around the final movement, written some years earlier – its childish and naïve text giving shape to the other movements.

Composer   Mahler
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
Soloist   Laura Claycomb

Track list
1. Symphony No 4 : I. Bedächtig. Nicht Eilen
2. Symphony No 4 : II. In gemächlicher Bewegung. Ohne Hast
3. Symphony No 4 : III. Ruhevoll (Poco adagio - Allegretto subito - Allegro subito)
4. Symphony No 4 : IV. Sehr behaglich ('Wir genießen die himmlischen Freuden')

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