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Mahler: Symphony No 8 – LSO Live

Mahler: Symphony No 8 [download]

  • Catalogue Number LSO0669
    UPC 822231166924

    James Mallinson producer
    Neil Hutchinson and Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineers

    Recorded July 2008, St Pauls Catherdral, London

    A high resolution PCM recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • International Record Review’s Outstanding Recording
    ‘This is a great disc, and no mistake. It is the first to which I am glad to give the “IRR Outstanding” appellation. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.’

    'Magnetic and compelling ... Brilliantly and subtly animated choral singing injects a sense of bleak mystery and awe. It’s the kind of performance you instantly wish you had witnessed, but this vivid and momentous recording takes you 99 per cent of the way there.’
    The Scotsman

    'Mahler’s mightiest symphony, with its huge orchestral forces and massive choral utterances, emerges with all the overwhelming sonic power the score demands ... its potent blend of spirituality and theatricality makes it a powerful contender for top honors amid a crowded field.’
    Chicago Tribune


Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra

Mahler’s monumental Eighth Symphony is, unusually for a symphony, structured in two-parts. Part I’s exuberant hymn of praise to the creator spirit precedes a reading of the Final Scene from Goethe’s Faust, portraying “Faust’s redemption through wisdom and love”. The use of choirs throughout the work, combined with the colossal forces of eight soloists, off-stage brass, and an expanded orchestra, make this a work of epic proportions.

Composer   Mahler
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   Choir of Eltham College, Choral Arts Society of Washington, London Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra
Soloists   Viktoria Yastrebova, Ailish Tynan, Liudmila Dudinova, Lilli Paasikivi, Zlata Bulycheva, Sergei Semishkur, Alexey Markov, Evgeny Nikitin

Track list

Symphony No 8: Part I

  1. I. Veni, Creator Spiritus
  2. II. Imple Superna Gratia
  3. III. Infirma Nostri Corporis
  4. IV. Accende Lumen Sensibus
  5. V. Veni, Creator Spiritus
  6. VI. Gloria Patri Domino

Symphony No 8: Part II

  1. I. Poco Adagio
  2. II. Ewiger Wonnerbrand
  3. III. Wie Felsenabgrund Mir Zu Füssen
  4. IV. Gerettet Ist Das Edle Glied
  5. V. Uns Bleibt Ein Erdenrest
  6. VI. Höchste Herrscherin Der Welt!
  7. VII. Dir, Der Unberührbaren
  8. VIII. Bei Der Liebe, Die Den Füssen
  9. IX. Neige, Neige, Du Ohnegleiche
  10. X. Komm! Hebe Dich Zu Höhern Sphären!
  11. XI. Blikket Auf
  12. XII. Alles Vergängliche

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