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Kinch: White Juju [download] – LSO Live

Kinch: White Juju [download]

  • Release date: 2 December 2022
    LSO5110-D | 0822231511069

    2.0 LPCM 24Bit 48kHz

    Soweto Kinch executive producer
    Andrew Cornall live recording producer
    Neil Hutchinson & Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd engineering & editing
    Additional production & mixing by Tony Platt
    Mixed at "Have Ears, Will Travel"
    Mastering by Cicely Balston for Alchemy Mastering at AIR Studios

    Recorded live in concert, 19 November 2021 in the Barbican Hall, as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

  • ‘Soweto Kinch’s White Juju is a 75-minute “artistic response to a year of pandemic, racial animus and culture wars”, consisting of 10 pieces. It received a loud, prolonged, vociferous and very enthusiastic reception in a nearly-full Barbican Hall.’
    The Arts Desk

    ‘It’s an incredibly potent and provocative socio-political commentary on Covid-era Britain set to a thrilling soundtrack where jazz, hip-hop, and classical music collide.’
    – Record Collector

    ‘It’s a humane polemic, and a testament to its creator’s deep grasp of jazz improv, rap poetics and classical-orchestral composition.’
    – The Guardian

    ‘In all, this suite is that rare thing: an album that escapes the dourness of “political” music and seems wholly life-affirming.’
    – The Daily Telegraph

    – BBC Music Magazine


Soweto Kinch
Lee Reynolds
London Symphony Orchestra 

This sensational recording from LSO Live features the world premiere of Soweto Kinch’s new work for jazz quartet and symphony orchestra, written in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Black British history and the lockdown era.

Beginning with the deafening silence of quarantine in 2020, it conjures sounds such as a bird call in Central Park, and the statue of a slaver crashing into Bristol’s River Avon, interwoven with Kinch’s barbed, incisive lyrics. The piece is deliberately danceable and intentionally seeks to subvert expectations of orchestral music.

Kinch’s music melds his distinct approach to jazz and hip hop with classical music: drawing broad inspiration from European folklore, the African Diaspora and divisive national myths to create a uniquely contemporary tone poem.

White Juju was commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra and Serious, supported as part of Serious' Giant Steps scheme funded by Help Musicians and Cockayne Grant for the Arts.

Soweto Kinch
Saxophone & Vocals  
Soweto Kinch
Piano, Keyboards & Sampler  
Rick Simpson
Nick Jurd
Drums & Sampler  
Gregory Hutchinson
Lee Reynolds
London Symphony Orchestra

Track list

1. Intro Audience
2. Chaos
3. I. Dawn
4. II. The Old Normal
5. III. March of the Unicorns
6. Snarling Beast
7. IV. Beneath the Myth
8. V. Curated Chaos
9. The Cycle of Violence
10. VI. Sanctuary
11. VII. The Natural Order
12. Sunlit Uplands
13. VIII. Tall Tales of Yesteryore
14. Idiots
15. IX. Eternal
16. Casting Out
17. X. Clarity

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