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Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique – LSO Live

Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique

  • Catalogue Number LSO0007
    UPC 822231100720

    James Mallinson producer
    Tony Faulkner sound engineer

    Recorded September 2000, Barbican, London

    176.4kHz (high density PCM) recording
    Notes in English / en Francais / auf Deutsch

  • Gramophone Magazine’s Editor's Choice

    BBC Music Magazine’s BBC Music Choice

    BBC Radio 3 CD Review’s First Choice Recording
    ‘Berlioz’s greatest interpreter of modern times recorded the Symphonie fantastique three times, but this most recent version is the most gripping and satisfying, deftly treading a fine line between self-revelation and self-indulgence. The volcanic outpourings of feeling are as intense as they should be, yet in the quieter moments – especially in the central ‘Scene in the Country’ – Davis achieves a wonderfully expressive pianissimo, in which every detail seems to convey meaning, all caught splendidly by the live recording.’

    Classic FM Magazine’s Best Buy
    ‘It’s hard to imagine a better live performance of this classical masterpiece.’

    'In this thrilling live recording, the music bristles with the excitement of a first encounter, yet one enriched by long experience.'
    Sunday Times

    'This recording brings the trademark LSO Live sound quality and concert atmosphere to the opium-inspired musical love letter ... the LSO are on top form ... you can almost see the instruments dancing under Davis's command.'
    The Observer

    'The playing of the LSO for their chief conductor is genuinely world-class ... every rhythm is tightly sprung, every climax charged with energy, and the hallucinatory mood of the last two movements grows ever more intense.'
    The Guardian

    'From the ardent passions and fevered imaginings of the first movement on, all the excitement of these performances is captured.'
    The Times


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Sir Colin Davis
London Symphony Orchestra

One of the greatest conductors of Berlioz's music, Sir Colin Davis presents a sensational reading of the composer's symphonic masterpiece. The recording captures the breathless exhilaration of the live performances to perfection.

Composer   Berlioz
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Symphonie fantastique: I. Rêveries - Passions
2. Symphonie fantastique: II. Un Bal
3. Symphonie fantastique: III. Scène aux champs
4. Symphonie fantastique: IV. Marche au supplice
5. Symphonie fantastique: V. Ronde du sabbat
6. Béatrice et Bénédict: Overture

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