Bruckner: Symphony No 9

  • Catalogue Number LSO0746
    UPC 822231174622

    James Mallinson producer
    Andrew Hallifax & Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd
    recording engineers

    Neil Hutchinson & Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd
    Editing, Mixing & Mastering

    DSD recording, live at the Barbican, 17 & 21 February 2013

    Stereo and multi-channel (5.0)
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • Best of the Year Discs 2014 Audiophile Audition

    Album of the Week
    ‘Haitink, as ever, maintains a magisterial grasp on the architectural span of Bruckner’s final “cathedral in sound”. In his 85th year, he is the doyen of the world’s great Brucknerians. His latest interpretation of the Ninth is not to be missed.’ The Sunday Times

    Editor's Choice
    ‘Great music-making,’ concludes David Gutman, and so it is: a deeply considered, powerful presentation of (the three movements of) Bruckner’s final thoughts.' Gramophone

    Multi-channel disc of the month
    'A ‘reference’ recording and performance of Bruckner’s unfinished 9th.' Audiophile Audtion

    ***** Performance ***** Recording ‘…this performance from last year with the London Symphony Orchestra on stupendous form seems to mark a pitch of understanding and communication which it wouldn’t be possible to surpass.’
    BBC Music Magazine

    ***** ‘The manner in which he controls the immense Misterioso is exemplary.’ Diapason

    ****½ ‘This is an utterly compelling performance of Bruckner's valedictory symphony, and though one envies the audience who were lucky enough to attend these concerts, for those who didn't this fine LSO Live release is the next best thing. Unreservedly recommended.’

    **** ‘This experienced Brucknerian – after some half century of devotion to the composer – holds all in control, and brings a welcome lightness and gleam to the second movement Scherzo. The LSO plays with a transparency and poise that cuts through even the most climactic, brass-laden fortissimos.’
    The Observer

    **** ‘Haitink is a master of the design and the invention, and he and the LSO have a close rapport. Excellent recording, too.’ Classical Ear

    ‘It’s always hard to put such impressions into words, so I can only urge Bruckner collectors to hear this for themselves. I’ve always found Haitink’s readings of the Ninth to be among the finest of all his Bruckner and this new disc is certainly among the best he has given us … Haitink’s most recent Bruckner Ninth is an exceptional achievement – even by his own standards – and this release is one that moved me greatly. It’s immensely rewarding.’ International Record Review

    'So, what does the live LSO and and the fantastic Bernard Haitink bring to one of our favourite works? Lots. Lots of inner counterpoint not always heard, lovely solos, fantastic ensemble, appropriate brass tone and the voicing of the massive chords that only a lifetime of Bruckner dedication can bring ... Highly recommended.' Audiophilia

    '... it is a recording that every admirer of Bruckner and world-class orchestral playing should hear.'
    Voix des Arts

    ‘Haitink has the big picture in mind… Immaculately radiant brass, engaging singing woodwind, flexible strings and succinct timpani bring a beautiful sound.’ ART. 5|III

    'The conclusion of the first movement is as thrilling here as on any recording, the focused, penetrating sound of the timpani driving the music on. And in the Scherzo, Haitink demonstrates his rare ability to give the music drive and focus, but through accentuation rather than speed. The tempo here could seem perversely slow under other conductors, but Haitink is able to draw grandeur from this music, and without compromising the energy and feeling of momentum.'

    'The more I listen to this wonderful, spaciously recorded performance, the more I am getting from it.' Classical Source


Bernard Haitink, London Symphony Orchestra

Bernard Haitink is internationally renowned for his interpretations of Bruckner and is widely recognised as the world’s leading Bruckner conductor.

Bruckner’s symphonies are often described as ‘Gothic cathedrals in sound,’ an apt description considering the composer’s devout faith and early vocation as an organist. He died before he could finish his Symphony No 9 but within its three movements can be found some of his most complete music, imbued with a sense of deep solace and resolution.

Composer   Bruckner
Conductor   Bernard Haitink
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Symphony No 9 in D Minor: I. Feierlich, misterioso
2. Symphony No 9 in D Minor: II. Scherzo bewegt, lebhaft - Trio: Schnell - Scherzo
3. Symphony No 9 in D Minor: III. Adagio langsam, feierlich

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