Christmas selection box

    1. Beethoven: Symphony No 9 in D Minor, 'Choral' (4th mvt)
    2. Beethoven: Symphony No 3 in E-Flat Major, 'Eroica' (1st mvt)
    3. Handel: Messiah, Part I, No 12. For Unto Us a Child Is Born
    4. Handel: Messiah, Part II, No 44. Hallelujah
    5. Berlioz: L'enfance du Christ, L'adieu Des Bergers a la Sainte Famille (The Shepherds' Farewell)
  • Catalogue Number LSO5102
    UPC 822231510222

    James Mallinson producer
    Classic Sound Ltd engineering, editing, mixing & mastering

    Bundle comprises:

    LSO0598 [6SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Beethoven Symphonies Nos 1–9,
    Triple Concerto, Leonore Overture No 2

    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican, November 2005 & April 2006
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.0/5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 397m 41s

    Booklet notes in English, French and German.
    Text (Symphony No 9) in German with English translation. Sung in German.

    LSO0607 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Handel Messiah
    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican, December 2006
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 146m 10s

    Booklet notes in English, French and German.
    Libretto in English. Sung in English.

    LSO0606 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Berlioz L'enfance du Christ
    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican, December 2006
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 96m 34s

    Booklet notes in English, French and German.
    Libretto in French with English translation. Sung in French.

  • LSO0598 Beethoven Symphonies Nos 1–9

    Benchmark Beethoven Cycle BBC Music Magazine
    Classical Recordings of the Year New York Times
    CDs of the Year Philadelphia Enquirer
    CDs of the Year Svenska Dagbladet
    Records of the Year New York Times

    Nominated for Best Classical Album
    49th Annual Grammy Awards

    CDs of the Year ‘Few music lovers saw this one coming ... Haitink has rarely sounded more suitably agitated. Even the problematic Triple Concerto has rare drama and purpose; this recording may be the best ever.’
    Philadelphia Enquirer

    ‘A towering achievement’ The Times

    ‘Simply masterful Beethoven… Capped by a magisterial account of the Ninth Symphony, this is the Beethoven set for our time. Even if you already have umpteen other recordings of these works, you really owe it to yourself to hear this new set.’
    Chicago Tribune

    Disc of the Month
    Performance ***** Sound *****
    'A complete confidence exists between the LSO, in magnificent form, and its conductor. This disc is the triumphant climax to the series.'
    BBC Music Magazine, Symphonies Nos 4 & 8

    Artistic Quality 10 Sound Quality 10 'The LSO are in absolutely smashing form - an unforgettable experience. It's a veritable orchestral adventure.', Symphonies Nos 4 & 8

    Performance***** Sound ***** 'Without being quirky Haitink presents it in a way that feels utterly fresh - the results are exhilarating.'
    BBC Music Magazine, Symphonies Nos 5 & 1

    Benchmark Recording
    Performance ***** Sound *****
    'A blazing performance of the Seventh Symphony that reaches a superbly disciplined and frenzied conclusion.'
    BBC Music Magazine, Symphony No 7 & Triple Concerto

    CD of the Week 'This recording has impressed every one of the CD Review team - there is a feeling of immediacy and drama tempered with vision and maturity as though Haitink's long career has been leading towards this time where he can combine impetuosity and youthful enthusiasm with the wisdom of age and experience.'
    BBC Radio 3 CD Review, Symphony No 9

    LSO0607 Handel Messiah

    'A tremendous new recording.' BBC Radio 3 CD Review

    'The choral singing, from Tenebrae, is jaw-droppingly beautiful.' The Guardian

    '... I would add the unflagging energy of the choral singing and its phenomenal accuracy: the members of Tenebrae ... are clearly all top musical athletes.' International Record Review

    'This one [recording] definitely belongs in the hall of fame ... The musicality in this set is terrific, the Tenebrae Choir a marvel to behold, and the LSO playing like they never have. The soloists are outstanding. The DVD is a bonus, with eleven numbers from the concert performance, plus an interview with Davis ... This is a marvelous set by a man who knows the work perhaps better than anyone, and can get to the heart and soul of Handel's celebrated score. Bravo!' Audiophile Audition

    LSO0606 L'enfance du Christ

    Disc of the Year Financial Times
    CDs of the Year New York Times
    CDs of the Year
    Critic's Choice 2008 American Record Guild
    Disc of the Week BBC Radio 3 CD review

    Artistic Quality 10 Sound Quality 10 ‘This set is instantly recommendable for Yann Beron's Narrator. He is quintessentially French and sings with a directness and innocence that suit the story perfectly ... Davis' understanding of Berlioz's layering of sounds remains unsurpassed ... when Berlioz strips the orchestration almost bare the effect is hypnotic. The Tenebrae Choir sings brilliantly at all dynamic levels and with absolute clarity, and in the most pious moments the effect is positively heavenly.'

    Performance ***** Sound ***** ‘Beuron, probably today's finest lyric tenor, gives the performance an essential idiomatic core in his narration ... [Tenebrae are] dramatically alert and glowing as stained glass, the angelic messages skin-pricklingly ethereal.’
    BBC Music Magazine

    Classical CD of the Week ‘If ever a conductor lived the works of a composer, it’s Davis with Berlioz. The London Symphony Orchestra play with delicacy, the Tenebrae Choir are immaculate, and there’s an impeccable set of soloists.’
    The Independent on Sunday

    ***** 'Sir Colin Davis worked his magic with Berlioz yet again ... Sir Colin assembled a fine cast of soloists ... and choirs and orchestra sing and play superlatively.'
    Sunday Telegraph

    ‘Life-enhancing ... The Narrator’s strengths leap out immediately. He’s Yann Beuron ... Plus he’s French: an obvious boon in a language where inflection means so much. Here, the chamber choir Tenebrae excel themselves: wonder radiates from every securely focused, cleanly voiced chord. They’re the performance’s rock ... nothing here, not a growl, not a rasp, ruins the magic of L’Enfance du Christ.’
    The Times

    ‘[Sir Colin Davis's] revisitation of this truly classic score is utterly and totally compelling.’
    International Record Review

    ‘Under Davis’s loving direction, the spirit is wonderfully right, and all the soloists, the fine Tenebrae Choir and the hypersensitive LSO combine in an interpretation of extraordinary tenderness.’
    Sunday Times

    'The combination of Davis, his responsive orchestra, and the French composer whose works he has done so much to champion, is irresistible ... This is undoubtedly another benchmark recording from LSO Live.'

£25.00 £47.97

Sir Colin Davis, Bernard Haitink, 
London Symphony Orchestra

The ever-popular "Christmas selection box" is back! A collection of best-selling LSO Live releases at a special price of £25.00.

Bundle contains: 

  • Beethoven Symphonies Nos 1-9 / Bernard Haitink (normal price £19.99)
  • Handel Messiah / Sir Colin Davis (normal price £12.99)
  • Berlioz L'enfance du Christ / Sir Colin Davis (normal price £14.99)

Composers   Beethoven, Berlioz, Handel
Conductors   Sir Colin Davis, Bernard Haitink
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Chorus
Soloists   Gordan Nikolitch, Tim Hugh, Lars Vogt, 
Twyla Robinson, Karen Cargill, John Mac Master,
Gerald Finley, Yann Beuron, William Dazeley,
Matthew Rose, Peter Rose, Susan Gritton,
Sara Mingardo, Mark Padmore, Alastair Miles

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