Dave Brubeck: Live with the LSO

    1. Take Five
  • Catalogue Number LSO0011
    UPC 822231101123

    James Mallinson producer
    Jack Renner sound engineer
    Tony Faulkner editing engineer

    Recorded December 2000, Barbican, London
    176.4kHz (high density PCM) recording

    1 CD in single case (74' 20")
    8 page booklet

  • 'Dave Brubeck is unique among jazz's elder statesmen. While most have remained locked in eternal competition with their past, struggling to approximate heroic statements made in their prime, Brubeck has waited for audiences to catch up with him.' Daily Telegraph


Dave Brubeck, Russell Gloyd, London Symphony Orchestra

'Dave Brubeck is unique among jazz's elder statesmen.' Daily Telegraph

Composer   Dave Brubeck
Conductor   Russell Gloyd
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
Soloist   Dave Brubeck

Track list
1. Summer Music
2. In Your Own Sweet Way
3. A Salute to the Count 'The Basie Band Is Back In Town'
4. Chorale
5. Blue Rondo à la Turk
6. Four Score In Seven
7. Brandeburg Gate, Revisited
8. Take Five
9. Unsquare Dance

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