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Gergiev's Brahms

    1. Symphony No 1: I. Un poco sostenuto - Allegro
    2. Tragic Overture in D minor
    3. German Requiem: Selig sind, die da Leid tragen
    4. Symphony No 3: III. Poco allegretto
    5. Symphony No 4: I. Allegro non troppo
  • Catalogue Number LSO5100
    UPC 822231510024

    James Mallinson producer
    Classic Sound Ltd engineering, editing, mixing & mastering
    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican, September, October,
    December 2012 and March 2013

    Bundle comprises:

    LSO0733 [2SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Symphony No 1, Tragic Overture, Symphony No 2,
    Variations on a Theme of Haydn

    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 125m 18s

    LSO0737 [SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - Symphony No 3, Symphony No 4
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.0 surround mixes
    Total playing time 77m 15s

    LSO0748 [SACD Hybrid]
    Contains - German Requiem
    Audio - 2.0 stereo + 5.1 surround mixes
    Total playing time 64m 07s
    Booklet notes in English, French and German.
    Text in German with English translation.

  • LSO0733 (Brahms Symphonies Nos 1 & 2, Tragic Overture, Variations on a Theme of Haydn)

    **** Performance **** Recording ‘This Brahms double album enshrines performances that Valery Gergiev gave with the LSO at the Barbican in the latter months of 2012, and they richly deserved preservation. Gergiev produces a gripping, architecturally secure account of the First Symphony … Gergiev’s account of the Second … is refined and sensitive.’ BBC Music Magazine

    'These performances are beautifully prepared. Buy with confidence. It’s straight ahead, brilliant Brahms.'

    **** ‘Gergiev finally gets around to Brahms, and continues to impress and surprise … The sound keeps getting better and better the longer LSO Live goes at it.’ Audiophile Audition

    'This is the most compelling new recording of the First that I've heard in a long time... All four pieces show that Gergiev has a point of view in Brahms. Whether you agree with it wholly or not, this is what makes these performances so good. Gergiev's way with Brahms - broad, lush, passionate - is not the only way; but it is consistent and very enjoyable...' American Record Guide

    ‘… Valery Gergiev strides on stage, throws down the gauntlet, and accomplishes a coup, declaring himself a major new Brahms interpreter to be contended with … this is very strongly recommended.’ Fanfare

    LSO0737 (Brahms Symphonies Nos 3 & 4)

    ‘This pairing of Brahms’s Third and Fourth conducted by Gergiev is a great example of how a recording can have both focus and a live ambience.’ Gramophone (High Fidelity - Month Test Disc)

    ‘The total package is quite seductive; in fact, both of these are among my favourite recordings of the Brahms symphonies.’ Fanfare

    LSO0748 (Brahms German Requiem)

    The LSO sound is immaculate and its players are up to satisfying every interpretive nuance the conductor requires of them. The chorus is solid and beautifully balanced and is especially pleasing in the fourth movement, Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen.'
    Classical Music Sentinel

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Valery Gergiev, 
London Symphony Orchestra

Buy all 3 of Gergiev's Brahms releases on LSO Live for the special price of £20.00.

Bundle contains: 

  • Brahms Symphonies Nos 1 & 2, Tragic Overture, 
    Variations on a Theme of Haydn (RRP £12.99)
  • Brahms Symphonies Nos 3 & 4 (RRP £8.99)
  • Brahms German Requiem (RRP £8.99)

Composer   Brahms
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Chorus
Soloists   Sally Matthews, Christopher Maltman

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