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Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation) – LSO Live

Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation)

  • Catalogue Number LSO0628
    UPC 822231162827

    James Mallinson producer
    Jonathan Stokes and Neil Hutchinson for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineer

    Recorded October 2007, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • ***** 'The LSO's magnificent playing of this awe-inspiring work is an immediate reminder of the impact of Sir Colin Davis's conducting. He has chosen excellent soloists for their various roles - the soprano Sally Matthews, tenor Ian Bostridge and baritone Dietrich Henschel - and the chorus are in superb voice.'
    The Sunday Telegraph

    ***** 'From first to last this recording has a definitive quality about it ... His [Sir Colin Davis] whole approach is filled with life and energy: this reading is about the youthful sparks of earthly creation ... That spirit, albeit refined and given focus by Davis's consummate artistry, pervades just about every bar and inspires all involved.'
    Classic FM Magazine

    '[Davis’] response to the actual sound of the piece is beautifully managed throughout, with Haydn's sense of wonder coming vividly alive. The LSO is on unimpeachable form, with many thrilling individual touches ... The sound is excellent, covering the entire picture while simultaneously setting out plenty of detail.'
    BBC Music Magazine

    'It seems to me to get the spirit of the work exactly right, achieving lightness without losing a sence of substance, offering precision as well as a feeling of spontaneity ... The choral singing, meanwhile, is incisive throughout.'
    The Sunday Times

    'Davis ensures that each of the choruses that close the three parts builds thrillingly to an incandescent climax ... I shall certainly be returning to this new recordings for much of the solo work, for the glorious playing of the LSO and, above all, for Davis's wise, joyous direction.'

    'I cannot think of a better version done with traditional forces in many, many years… A truly wonderful achievement.'
    Audiophile Audition


Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra

Having been inspired by Handel’s oratorios whilst in London, Haydn set Die Schöpfung to a text originally intended for his predecessor. With bright orchestration and vivid imagery, Haydn’s account of the world’s creation confirmed that he too had mastered the art of musical dramatics, and composed a work that is celebrated as one of the masterpieces of the classical era.


Composer   Haydn
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra
Soloists   Sally Matthews, Ian Bostridge, Dietrich Henschel

Track list

Disc 1 - The Creation (Die Schöpfung):

  1. Part I, No 1, Einleitung: Die Vorstellung Des Chaos
  2. Part I, No 2, Im Anfange Schuf Gott Himmel Und Erde
  3. Part I, No 3, Nun Schwanden Vor Dem Heiligen Strahle
  4. Part I, No 4, Und Gott Machte Das Firmament
  5. Part I, No 5, Mit Staunen Sieht Das Wunderwerk
  6. Part I, No 6, Und Gott Sprach: Es Sammle Sich Das Wasser
  7. Part I, No 7, Rollend In Schaumenden Wellen
  8. Part I, No 8, Und Gott Sprach: Es Bringe Die Erde Gras Hervor
  9. Part I, No 9, Nun Beut Die Flur Das Frische Grun
  10. Part I, No 10, Und Die Himmlischen Heerscharen
  11. Part I, No 11, Stimmt an Die Saiten
  12. Part I, No 12, Und Gott Sprach: Es Sei'n Lichter an Der Feste
  13. Part I, No 13, In Vollem Glanze Steiget Jetzt
  14. Part I, No 14, Die Himmel Erzahlen Die Ehre Gottes

Disc 2 - The Creation (Die Schöpfung):

  1. Part II, No 15, Und Gott Sprach: Es Bringe Das Wasser
  2. Part II, No 16, Auf Starkem Fittiche Schwinget Sich
  3. Part II, No 17, Und Gott Schuf Grosse Walfische
  4. Part II, No 18, Und Die Engel Ruhrten Ihr' Unsterblichen Harfen
  5. Part II, No 19, In Holder Anmut Stehn, Mit Jungem Grun
  6. Part II, No 20, Der Herr Ist Gross In Seiner Macht
  7. Part II, No 21, Und Gott Sprach: Es Bringe Die Erde Hervor
  8. Part II, No 22, Gleich Offnet Sich Der Erde Schoss
  9. Part II, No 23, Nun Scheint In Vollem Glanze Der Himmel
  10. Part II, No 24, Und Gott Schuf Den Menshen
  11. Part II, No 25. Mit Wurd' Und Hoheit Angetan
  12. Part II, No 26, Und Gott Sah Jedes Ding
  13. Part II, No 27, Vollendet Ist Das Grosse Werk
  14. Part II, No 28, Zu Dir, O Herr, Blickt Alles Auf
  15. Part II, No 29, Vollendet Ist Das Grosse Werk
  16. Part III, No 30, Aus Rosenwolken Bricht
  17. Part III, No 31, Von Deiner Gut', O Herr Und Gott
  18. Part III, No 32, Nun Ist Die Erste Pflicht Erfullt
  19. Part III, No 33, Holde Gattin, Dir Zur Seite
  20. Part III, No 34, O Glucklich Paar, Und Glucklich Immerfort
  21. Part III, No 35, Singt Dem Herrn Alle Stimmen

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