Maxwell Davies & Panufnik : Tenth Symphonies

  • Catalogue Number LSO0767
    UPC 822231176725

    James Mallinson
    Classic Sound Ltd engineering, editing, mixing & mastering

    Recorded live in DSD at the Barbican
    Maxwell Davies Symphony No 10 recorded February 2014.
    Panufnik Symphony No 10 recorded October 2014

    Release date: 28th August 2015
    Audio 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 multi-channel
    Total duration: 57 minutes 52 seconds

    1 SACD Hybrid 32pp booklet.
    Notes in English, en français, auf Deutsch
    Texts in original language with translation.

  • WINNER Sunday Times Albums of the Year

    Album of the Week ‘It’s the brilliance of the writing (Maxwell Davies Symphony No 10) that keeps the ear engaged… In [Panufnik's] tenth and last symphony, past and future collide in a surreal catharsis of serene beauty and austere geometry. It must be heard twice to be believed. The London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus put body and soul into these performances, conducted with tremendous verve and conviction by Antonio Pappano… Both warrant serious attention.’ Sinfini

    Performance **** Recording **** ‘The interplay between Mark Butter’s singing of Borromini’s own words and quiet choral interjections is beautifully judged here (Sir Peter Maxwell Davies Symphony No 10), and is matched by superlative orchestral playing throughout. Antonio Pappano directs an equally fine performance (Panufnik Symphony No 10)…The result is lucid, emotionally charged and memorable.’ BBC Music Magazine

    ****1/2 Performance **** Sonics (Multichannel)
    ‘Sir Antonio Pappano and his committed forces give what must surely be regarded as a definitive performance of this complex work [Maxwell Davies Symphony No 10]… Pappano's incisive conducting is impressive while the LSO certainly provide the virtuosity demanded by Panufnik in this bracing piece. Both works can be recommended for adventurous collectors.’

    Recording ****/**** Performance ****/**** ‘The London Symphony Orchestra is in top form here for these performances. The Chorus is especially adept at taking on the challenge of this music. They and the soloist are balanced very well within the audio picture of these live performances. Certainly this will be a release worth tracking down for those who are intrigued by this latest symphony by Davies and with an interesting bonus of another modern symphonic essay by an orchestra that has always championed Panufnik’s work’ Cinemusical

    ***** ‘The performances here sound extremely well. There’s no question that Pappano has the necessary conviction to conduct both of the symphonies which are appealingly played by the London Symphony Orchestra.’ Pizzicato

    **** ‘[Maxwell Davies’s] subsequent recovery, much like the work itself, is especially welcome, especially in as persuasive a performance as the premiere under Pappano’s energising baton. Vocal writing is punchy and effective, whatever its challenges met with gusto by soloist and chorus… Good sound.’ Classical Music Magazine

    **** ‘A highly charged fervour animates the symphony’s discourse on creativity in this live recording of the premiere.’ Financial Times

    **** ‘Vocal writing is punchy and effective, whatever its challenges met with gusto by soloist and chorus…(Panufnik Symphony No 10) is concise, well-crafted and winningly played. Good sound.’

    *** ‘The writing is wealthy and pure and the London Symphony Orchestra is plunged with delight into the sensuality of this universe.’ Classica

    ‘This recording of the work’s premiere (Sir Peter Maxwell Davies Symphony No 10) is notable for the degree to which all involved – especially the galvanising conductor Antonio Pappano and the properly operatic soloist Markus Butter – manage to convey so much of the music’s dramatic sweep as well as its symphonic substance...’ Gramophone

    What is classic Max is the way in which this Tenth ruminates, meditates – though without pause, almost breathlessly…An interesting work superbly played because it's all accepted on its own terms by Pappano and the LSO. The beautifully-crafted slow, quiet ending of Panufnik's Tenth is a superb summit which seems aptly to encompass the purpose and tone of the whole CD. Classical Net

    ‘This is a well-prepared and satisfying performance and remarkably accurate for such a complex work… The chorus and orchestra are quite brilliant… We should be grateful to the sponsors and to the LSO for making these performances available and hope there will be many more.’ MusicWeb International

    ‘The performances are first-rate, the music significant and masterful, the mood sometimes stoic, resigned, sombre but in the end cathartic. Very recommended!’ Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

    ‘It’s a big, deeply reflective statement... Pappano, the baritone Markus Butter and the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform it brilliantly.’ Sunday Times

    ‘What a moving birthday tribute it is, it could so easily have been Max’s Requiem.’ BBC Radio 3 CD Review

    ‘His orchestral resources are large, and he explores an accordingly rich spectrum of sonorities. In place of Mahler’s breast-beating and death throes, we have a richly sonorous account of death that seems to reflect Borromini’s own dispassionate effort to find words to document his own experience.’ The Examiner

    ‘Spacious and melodic, and continually energised by Max’s colourful orchestration, particularly his use of the percussion…Both orchestral sections (percussion and brass) excel throughout the recording (Panufnik Symphony No 10). Pappano’s operatic breadth is ideal for the Maxwell Davies, and his focus ideal for Panufnik. Well played, sung and recorded.’ Classical Ear


Sir Antonio Pappano, London Symphony Orchestra


LSO Live presents the world premiere recording of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies architectural Tenth Symphony, alongside Sir Andrzej Panufnik’s Symphony No 10. This release showcases two of the twentieth century’s most iconic symphonic composers, paired together here by their tenth symphonies.


Watch Sir Peter Maxwell Davies on his Symphony No 10

Watch Sir Antonio Pappano on Sir Andrzej Panufnik Symphony No 10

Composers   Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Sir Andrzej Panufnik
Conductor   Sir Antonio Pappano
Performers   London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Soloist   Markus Butter

Track list
1. Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 10, 'Alla ricerca di Borromini': I. Adagio
2. Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 10, 'Alla ricerca di Borromini': II. Allegro
3. Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 10, 'Alla ricerca di Borromini': III. Presto
4. Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 10, 'Alla ricerca di Borromini': IV. Adagio
5. Panufnik: Symphony No 10

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