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Mozart: Requiem

    1. Requiem: No 2. Dies Irae
    2. Requiem: No 7. Lacrimosa
  • Catalogue Number LSO0627
    UPC 822231162728

    James Mallinson producer
    Jonathan Stokes and Neil Hutchinson for Classic Sound Ltd sound engineers

    Recorded September and October 2007, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • The Best of the Year Opera News

    Sound **** Performance ***** ‘This performance benefits from marvellous sound and shows Davis secure in his tempo choices and bringing that combination of solemnity, grandeur and drama ... Soprano Marie Arnet’s pristine tone and flawless intonation make her near ideal.’ BBC Music Magazine

    Artistic Quality (8) Sound Quality (8) ‘A sonically vivid SACD…a bright, powerful chorus and orchestra… Listeners who like the Requiem's big episodes to really punch out of the speakers will enjoy this’ Classics Today

    ****1/2 ‘There’s much to enjoy here…the colours he [Sir Colin Davis] produces are unquestionably gorgeous’ Musical Criticism

    *** ‘Ritualistic, monumental and thrillingly dramatic’ The Guardian

    ‘This is a grandly scaled, nobly contoured reading, by turns monumental and ferociously dramatic. With biting choral attack, searing, spitting strings and scything trumpets, the Dies Irae has a terrifying intensity I have rarely heard equalled. The Rex tremendae, too, is overwhelming in its desperate fervour ... superbly played and vividly recorded.’ Gramophone

    ‘A deeply felt account of a masterpiece from a conductor who has lived with this music for most of his professional life.’ Sunday Times


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Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra

To this day mystery surrounds the circumstances under which Mozart was commissioned by a stranger to write a Requiem Mass. He died before its completion, only adding to the air of foreboding that the work so effectively evokes and reminding us of the fragility of our mortality.

Composer   Mozart
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Chorus
Soloists   Marie Arnet, Anna Stéphany, Andrew Kennedy, Darren Jeffery

Track list
1. Requiem: No 1. Requiem und Kyrie
2. Requiem: No 2. Dies Irae
3. Requiem: No 3. Tuba mirum
4. Requiem: No 4. Rex tremendae
5. Requiem: No 5. Recordare
6. Requiem: No 6. Confutatis maledictis
7. Requiem: No 7. Lacrimosa
8. Requiem: No 8. Domine Jesu
9. Requiem: No 9. Hostias
10. Requiem: No 10. Sanctus
11. Requiem: No 11. Benedictus
12. Requiem: No 12. Agnus Dei

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