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Rachmaninov: Symphony No 2 [download]

  • Catalogue Number LSO0677
    UPC 82231167723

    James Mallinson producer
    Jonathan Stokes and Neil Hutchinson for Classic Sound Ltd sound engineers

    Recorded September 2008, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • Editor’s Choice 'This Rachmaninov finds the London Symphony Orchestra warm and irresistibly propulsive ... Gergiev has a feel for the romantic urgency of the music as well as its lyrical impulse and the LSO responds as though its life depended upon it.' Gramophone

    ***** ‘Gergiev seems to communicate a darker side to this music.’ Audiophile Audition (US)

    ***** 'The sweep of emotion that runs through all four movements is as polished as it is inexorable. The opening movement unfolds like an inbound tide, the waves of voluptuous sound building with a potency that is rich and sonorous. Contrast that with the heightened energy of the second movement, the familiar glow of the Adagio, and the fiery control of the finale, and you have a performance with Gergiev's fingerprint all over it.' The Scotsman

    'Breathtakingly beautiful string playing. I greedily anticipate the release of the other symphonies in due course.’ International Record Review

    'As you would expect with the charismatic Valery Gergiev on the conductor's platform, this performance of Rachmaninov's opulent symphony is full of long sweeping gestures, at times a little moody, but packed full of the feel of spontaneity that comes from a "live" recording. He allows the slow movement ample time to beguile the ears and turns up the heat for an exciting finale. The London Symphony respond perfectly to his many subtle rhythmic infections, the playing in the superlative class. Good sound generous in detail.' Yorkshire Post

    ‘A wonderful new LSO Live recording.’ Chicago Tribune

    ‘Andrew Marriner’s almost introverted account of the great clarinet solo is beautifully accompanied, a real heart-stopper.’ Gramophone

    ‘A fine performance, well engineered.’


Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra

Rachmaninov’s vast Second Symphony was composed when he was at the pinnacle of his career as a composer, pianist and conductor. Filled with emotion and brimming with beautiful melodies, it is a masterpiece and the epitome of the Romantic symphony. It is presented here in its entirety.

Composer   Rachmaninov
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Symphony No 2: I. Largo - Allegro moderato
2. Symphony No 2: II. Allegro molto
3. Symphony No 2: III. Adagio
4. Symphony No 2: IV. Allegro Vivace

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