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Sibelius: Symphony No 2 & Pohjola's Daughter – LSO Live

Sibelius: Symphony No 2 & Pohjola's Daughter

  • Catalogue Number LSO0605
    UPC 822231160526

    James Mallinson producer
    Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineer

    Pohjola's Daughter recorded September and October 2005, Barbican, London
    Symphony No 2 recorded September 2006, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • Gramophone Magazine’s Disc of the Month
    'Davis reminds us now just how great he is in Sibelius with a marvellous new recording of the Second Symphony ... the strength of this performance, where a patient (and all the more involving for that) build-up leads to a shattering finale. Davis loves Sibelius, and the orchestra clearly love playing for him. Listening to a Sibelius performance of this calibre, there's no other composer one would rather hear.'

    'An absolutely magnificent performance of the Second Symphony from first bar to last, reinforcing yet again the contention that live performances by great orchestras and conductors often have the edge over multi-edited studio recordings.'
    International Record Review

    'There is so much about these performances that is ear-opening - or just plain magnificent.'
    BBC Music Magazine

    'The latest LSO Live CD shows the orchestra and the sound engineers in resplendent form ... This is monumental Sibelius.'
    The Sunday Times

    '[Davis] builds the first movement to a thrilling climax without over-dramatising it. The slow movement has even more expressive power, with superb brass playing.'
    The Sunday Telegraph


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Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra

Sibelius was one of the 20th century's greatest and most innovative symphonists, with a musical style evoking beauty, mystery, colour and light. Influenced as much by a period of living in Italy as by his Finnish homeland, the Second Symphony marked a major step in his development as a composer, and remains one of his most popular works.

Composer   Sibelius
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Pohjola's Daughter (Pohjolan tytär), Symphonic Fantasy for Orchestra
2. Symphony No 2 in D Major: I. Allegretto
3. Symphony No 2 in D Major: II. Tempo Andante, Ma Rubato
4. Symphony No 2 in D Major: III. Vivacissimo
5. Symphony No 2 in D Major: IV. Finale - Allegro Moderato

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