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Sibelius: Symphonies Nos 5 & 6

    1. Symphony No 5: I. Tempo molto moderato; Allegro moderato
    2. Symphony No 5: III. Allegro molto
    3. Symphony No 6: I. Allegro molto moderato
    4. Symphony No 6: IV. Allegro molto
  • Catalogue Number LSO0537
    UPC 822231153726

    James Mallinson producer
    Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineer (Symphony No 5)
    Tony Faulkner for Green Room Productions balance engineer (Symphony No 6)

    Symphony No 5 recorded December 2003, Barbican, London
    Symphony No 6 recorded September 2002, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • Disc of the Month 'Stunning ... Flawless committed playing of the LSO, but what's really remarkable is the sense of space that Davis brings to the music - you can hear every note in the orchestral texture.'
    Classic FM Magazine

    Top 5 Discs of the Month 'This LSO Live Sibelius/Davis series is turning out very well indeed. In the Fifth the sense of growth, of many facets all belonging to an organic whole, is outstanding ... [the Sixth Symphony] is an exemplary performance ... Strongly recommended.' BBC Music Magazine

    'It courses with life from start to finish. This is terrain well travelled by Sir Colin ... but the latest recording, from the London Symphony itself far surpasses both [previous recordings].' New York Times

    Classical CD of the Week '[Sir Colin Davis] brings a lifetime of wisdom to this ever-astonishing music ... Davis is a supreme interpreter of this work ... An outstanding disc, beautifully recorded.' Sunday Times

    **** ½ ‘Davis is equally attuned to the quiet dignity of the Sixth as to the joyful noise of the Fifth, making his recording an evocative study in contrasts. This is a lovely performance, with especially alert playing from the LSO in the dancing Allegro molto… I’m happy with the sound, as I am with Davis’s bold conception and execution of the scores.’ Audiophile Audition

    'Certainly few conductors before the public today can match his [Sir Colin Davis's] Sibelius ... the Fifth has magnificent breadth and a powerful atmosphere ...The Sixth was always one of the triumphs of Sir Colin's Sibelius cycles and so it proves again here.' International Record Review

    'A crafty pairing: the familiar fifth, played with all the seasoned wisdom one would expect of this veteran maestro and his mean London machine, alongside the less well-known, but no less rewarding sixth ... a must for serious collectors.' The Observer

    'Conductor and orchestra give commanding performances of both symphonies. The fifth is majestic and inspired, beautifully detailed and paced.'
    Evening Standard

    'It's terrific from beginning to end.'

    'The sense of organic growth and of architectural coherence founded upon the wonderful tonal resources of the LSO make the performance hard to resist.' The Guardian


Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra

Sibelius was one of the most gifted and innovative symphonists who created music of astonishing beauty and luminosity. His Fifth Symphony is a breathtaking voyage that culminates in a resplendent finale, whilst the Symphony No 6 is more subtle, mysterious and refined to perfection.

Composer   Sibelius
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Symphony No 5 in E-flat Major: I. Tempo molto moderato; Allegro moderato
2. Symphony No 5 in E-flat Major: II. Andante mosso, quasi allegretto
3. Symphony No 5 in E-flat Major: III. Allegro molto
4. Symphony No 6 in D Minor: I. Allegro molto moderato
5. Symphony No 6 in D Minor: II. Allegro moderato
6. Symphony No 6 in D Minor: III. Poco vivace
7. Symphony No 6 in D Minor: IV. Allegro molto

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