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Sir Colin Davis Anthology – LSO Live

Sir Colin Davis Anthology

  • Catalogue Number LSO0766
    UPC 822231176626

    13-disc set: 8 SACD, 4 CD & 1 DVD in rigid box with lift-off lid, plus commemorative book incorporating photo postcards

    Notes in English, French and German
    DVD subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish & Japanese

    Limited edition release

  • ’[What makes this] an outstanding anthology [is] the quality and care with which it has been designed and presented, the moving essays, fond memories of the LSO musicians, unpublished letters, and a DVD documentary, all of which speak volumes for the love and respect that underpinned Davis’s latter-day relationship with the LSO.’
    BBC Music Magazine

    ’The highlights for Davis fans will probably be a first release for a 2009 recording of the Te Deum of his beloved Berlioz and a superbly remastered (including a stereo 2.0 SACD layer) reissue of the recording that, for LSO Live, started it all: the New World Symphony from 1999. This seems somehow fitting. When this new label took its first, tentative steps 14 years ago, could its founders have dreamed they were, arguably, founding a new world not just for the London Symphony Orchestra, but also for the entire classical recording industry?’

    ’Sir Colin Davis had a passion for music, and the ability to ‘do it’ at the highest level, with charm, fervour, and sometimes a temper; let’s think of this Anthology as a Celebration.’
    Classical Source

    ’As Davis guides his forces through Berlioz, Sibelius, Walton and other simpatico composers there’s no doubting his genius for letting the music live and breathe without ego or brute force.’
    The Times


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Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra

This limited edition box set is a unique collection of 13-discs is the 100th release on LSO Live. The collection pays tribute to not only Sir Colin’s work with LSO Live, but more specifically his relationship with the London Symphony Orchestra through the decades, until his death in April 2013.

The collection features previously unreleased material from the LSO Live archive, including two much loved recordings on high-resolution SACD Hybrid for the first time - Dvorak Symphony No 9 and Berlioz Symphonie fantastique. Never before seen private correspondence and photos from Sir Colin’s archives accompany the discs.

The anthology is completed with a bonus DVD documentary by Reiner Moritz. This portrait includes his last public statements, and contributions from Sir David Attenborough, Sir Simon Rattle and Roger Wright. The documentary highlights his work in masterclasses, opera, concerts and to-camera talk which reveals the man behind the musician.

Composers   Berlioz, Dvorak, Elgar, Sibelius, Tippett, Vaughan Williams, Walton
Conductor   Sir Colin Davis
Performers   Choir of Eltham College, London Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra
Soloists   Colin Lee, Indra Thomas, Mihoko Fujimura, Steve Davislim, Matthew Rose, Peter Coleman-Wright, Ben Heppner, Michelle DeYoung, Petra Lang, Orlin Anastassov, Bülent Bezdüz, Isabelle Cals, Roderick Earle, Alan Ewing, Andrew Greenan, Tigran Martirossian, Peter Mattei, Leigh Melrose, Stephen Milling, Sara Mingardo, Toby Spence, Mark Stone, Kenneth Tarver, Guang Yang

Track list
Disc 1
1. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: I. Rêveries – Passions
2. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: II. Un bal
3. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: III. Scène aux champs
4. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: IV. Marche au supplice
5. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: V. Songe d’une nuit de sabbat
6. Berlioz: Béatrice et Bénédict: Overture
Disc 2
1. Berlioz: Les francs-juges: Overture
2. Berlioz: Te Deum: I. Te Deum (Hymne)
3. Berlioz: Te Deum: II. Tibi omnes (Hymne)
4. Berlioz: Te Deum: III. Dignare (Prière)
5. Berlioz: Te Deum: IV. Christe, Rex gloriae (Hymne)
6. Berlioz: Te Deum: V. Te ergo quaesumus (Prière)
7. Berlioz: Te Deum: VI. Judex crederis (Hymne et prière)
Disc 3 (DVD)
Colin Davis - The Man and his Music (a documentary by Reiner Moritz. Includes subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese).
Disc 4
1. Dvořák: Symphony No 9 in E Minor, 'From the New World': I. Adagio - Allegro molto
2. Dvořák: Symphony No 9 in E Minor, 'From the New World': II. Largo
3. Dvořák: Symphony No 9 in E Minor, 'From the New World': III. Scherzo – Molto vivace
4. Dvořák: Symphony No 9 in E Minor, 'From the New World': IV. Allegro con fuoco
Disc 5
1. Sibelius: Pohjola's Daughter
2. Sibelius: Symphony No 2 in D major: I. Allegretto
3. Sibelius: Symphony No 2 in D major: II. Tempo Andante, ma rubato
4. Sibelius: Symphony No 2 in D major: III. Vivacissimo
5. Sibelius: Symphony No 2 in D major: IV. Finale: Allegro moderato
Disc 6
1. Sibelius: The Oceanides
2. Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 4 in F minor: I. Allegro
3. Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 4 in F minor: II. Andante moderato
4. Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 4 in F minor: III. Scherzo: Allegro molto
5. Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 4 in F minor: IV. Finale con epilogo fugato: Allegro molto
Disc 7
1. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': I. Theme
2. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': II. CAE
3. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': III. HDS-P
4. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': IV. RBT
5. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': V. WMB
6. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': VI. RPA
7. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': VII. Ysobel
8. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': VIII. Troyte
9. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': IX. WN
10. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': X. Nimrod
11. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': XI. Dorabella
12. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': XII. GRS
13. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': XIII. BGN
14. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': XIV. (***)
15. Elgar: Variations on an Original Theme, 'Enigma': XV. EDU
16. Elgar: Introduction and Allegro for Strings
Disc 8
1. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 1. The World Turns On Its Dark Side
2. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 2. The Argument: Man Has Measured the Heavens
3. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: Interludium
4. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 3. Scene: Is Evil Then Good?
5. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 4. Now In Each Nation
6. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 5. Chorus of the Oppressed: When Shall the Userers’ City Cease
7. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 6. I Have No Money for My Bread
8. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 7. How Can I Cherish My Man In Such Days
9. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 8. A Spiritual: Steal Away
10. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 9. A Star Rises In Mid-winter
11. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 10. And a Time Came
12. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 11. Chorus of Persecutors and Persecuted: Away With Them!
13. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 12. Where They Could, They Fled
14. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 13. Chorus of the Self-righteous: We Cannot Have Them In Our Empire
15. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 14. And the Boy’s Mother Wrote a Letter
16. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 15. Scene: O My Son!
17. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 16. A Spiritual: Nobody Knows the Trouble I See, Lord
18. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 17. Scene: The Boy Becomes Desperate In His Agony
19. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 18. They Took a Terrible Vengeance
20. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 19. The Terror: Burn Down Their Houses!
21. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 20. Men Were Ashamed of What Was Done
22. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 21. A Spiritual of Anger: Go Down, Moses
23. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 22. The Boy Sings In His Prison: My Dreams Are All Shattered
24. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 23. What Have I Done to You, My Son?
25. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 24. The Dark Forces Rise Like a Flood
26. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 25. A Spiritual: O, By and By
27. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 26. The Cold Deepens
28. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 27. The Soul of Man
29. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 28. Scene: The Words of Wisdom Are These
30. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: Praeludium
31. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 29. General Ensemble: I Would Know My Shadow and My Light
32. Tippett: A Child of Our Time: No 30. A Spiritual: Deep River
Disc 9
1. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: I. “Thus spake Isaiah”
2. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: II. A tempo – “If I forget thee”
3. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: III. “By the waters of Babylon”
4. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: IV. “Babylon was a great city”
5. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: V. “Praise ye the God of Gold!”
6. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: VI. Allegro molto – “Thus in Babylon”
7. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: VII. “Thou, O King, art King of Kings”
8. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: VIII. “And in that same hour”
9. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: IX. “The trumpeters and pipers”
10. Walton: Belshazzar's Feast: X. Allegro – “Then sing aloud to God our strength”
11. Walton: Symphony No 1 in B flat Minor: I. Allegro assai
12. Walton: Symphony No 1 in B flat Minor: II. Scherzo: Presto, con malizia
13. Walton: Symphony No 1 in B flat Minor: III. Andante con malincolia
14. Walton: Symphony No 1 in B flat Minor: IV. Maestoso – Brioso ed ardentemente – Vivacissimo – Maestoso
Disc 10
1. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 1 - "Ha, Ha! Après dix ans"
2. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 2 - "Les Grecs ont disparu"
3. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 2 - "Malheureux roi!"
4. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 3a - "C'est lui!"
5. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 3b - "Reviens à toi... Pauvre âme... Si tu m'aimes... Mais le ciel et la terre... Quitte-nous dès"
6. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 4 - "Dieux protecteurs de la ville éternelle"
7. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 5 - Combat de ceste - pas de lutteurs
8. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 6 - Pantomime
9. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 7 - "Du peuple et des soldats"
10. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 8 - "Châtiment effroyable!"
11. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 9 - "Que la déesse... À cet objet sacre"
12. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 10 - "Non, je ne verrai pas la déplorable fête"
13. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act I, No 11 - "De mes sens éperdus (Marche Troyenne)"
Disc 11
1. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 12a - Scéne et récitatif: introduction
2. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 12b - Scéne et récitatif: introduction
3. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 12 - "O lumière de Troie... Ah! Fuis, fils de Vènus"
4. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 13 - "Quelle espérance... Le salut des Vaincus..."
5. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 14 - "Ha, puissante Cybèle"
6. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 15 - "Tous ne périront pas... Oh digne soeur d'Hector"
7. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act II, No 16 - "Complices de sa gloire... Le tresor!"
8. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 17 - "De Carthage les cieux"
9. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 18 - Chant national "Gloire à Didon"
10. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 19a - "Nous avons vu finir sept ans à peine"
11. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 19b - "Chers tyriens"
12. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 20 - Entrée des constructeurs
13. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 21 - Entrée des matelots
14. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 22 - Entrée des laboureurs
15. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 23 - "Peuple! Tous les honneurs"
16. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 24 - "Les chants joyeux"
17. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 25a - "Echappés à grand peine"
18. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 25b - "Errante sur les mers"
19. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 26 - "J'éprouve une soudaine et vive impatience"
20. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 27 - "Auguste reine, un peuple errant et malheureux"
21. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act III, No 28 - "J'ose à peine annoncer ... Reine! Je suis Énée ... Des armes! Des armes!"
Disc 12
1. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 29 - Chasse royale et orage
2. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 30 - "Dites, Narbal, qui cause vos alarmes
3. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 31a - "De quels revers"
4. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 31b - "Vaine terreur"
5. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 31c - "De quels revers (air et cavatine)"
6. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 32 - Marche pour l'entrée de la reine
7. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 33a - Pas des almées (ballet)
8. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 33b - Danse des esclaves (ballet)
9. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 33c - Pas d'esclaves Nubiennes
10. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 34a - "Assez ma soeur"
11. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 34b - "O blonde Cérès"
12. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 35a - "Pardonne, Iopas"
13. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 35b - "Ô pudeur! Tout conspire"
14. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 36a - "Mais bannissons ces triste souvenirs"
15. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 36b - "Tout n'est que paix et charme"
16. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act IV, No 37 - "Nuit d'ivresse et d'extase infinie!"
Disc 13
1. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 38 - "Vallon sonore"
2. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 39 - "Préparez tout, il faut partir enfin ... Chaque jour voit grandir la colère des dieux"
3. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 40 - "Par Bacchus! Ils sont fous avec leur Italie!"
4. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 41a - "Inutiles regrets!"
5. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 41b - "Ah quand viendra l’instant des suprêmes adieux"
6. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 42 - "Énée!"
7. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 43 - "Debout, Troyens, éveillez-vous, alerte! ... Alerte! ... entendez-vous, amis, la voix d’Énée?"
8. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 44a - "Errante sur tes pas"
9. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 44b - "Italie!"
10. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 45 - "Va, ma soeur, l’implorer"
11. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 46 - "En mer, voyez! six vaisseaux!"
12. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 47 - "Ah! Ah! Je vais mourir"
13. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 48 - "Adieu, fi ère cité"
14. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 49 - "‘Dieux de l’oubli, dieux de Ténare ... S’il faut enfin qu’Énée aborde en Italie"
15. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 50 - "Pluton ... semble m’être propice"
16. Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 51 - "Ah! au secours! au secours! la reine s’est frappée!"
17.Berlioz: Les Troyens: Act V, No 52 - "Rome ... Rome ... immortelle! ... Haine éternelle à la race d’Énée"

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