Mahler: Symphony No 7 [download]

  • Catalogue Number LSO0665
    UPC 822231166528

    James Mallinson producer
    Neil Hutchinson and Jonathan Stokes for Classic Sound Ltd balance engineers

    Recorded March 2008, Barbican, London

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording
    Notes in English / en français / auf Deutsch

  • Disc of the Month 'Right from the start, with those dark, dragging rhythms, there’s a sense that something special is afoot here ... Gergiev charts the whole labyrinthine course with thrilling assurance ... and the virtuosity and sensitivity of the London Symphony Orchestra – in solo or ensemble writing, or in rich tuttis – is a continual exhilarating delight. Hand on heart, I can’t think of another recording of this symphony that not only brings so many of its extraordinary features to life, but ultimately balances them so satisfyingly. Thoroughly recommended.'
    BBC Music Magazine

    ‘This is a terrific, gripping performance from Gergiev and the LSO of Mahler’s Seventh Symphony, an edge-of-the-seat experience ... he [Gergiev] brings an almost palpable darkness, fear and mystery to the three central movements, giving an impression, in the central scherzo, of hot, tormenting laser lights darting in from all angles, and imbues the outer movements with an almost frenzied momentum.’ The Times

    ‘There is no denying the brilliance of sound and execution he [Gergiev] obtains from the LSO. Gergiev's interpretationof this wayward and fascinating symphony is exciting ... he casts quite a spell of lush romanticism.’ The Sunday Telegraph

    'It's thrillingly played.' The Guardian

    ‘Gergiev and a lively LSO sweep up the finale bells and whistles with exhilarating energy.’ The Times

    ‘Recorded with crystal-clear DSD sound and presented in the super audio format, the recording is vividly detailed… and the sonorities of the orchestra are absolutely true.’

    Classical Editor's Favourite Recordings of 2008
    'Recorded with crystal clear DSD sound and presented in the super audio format, the recording is vividly detailed and surprisingly clean for being live, and the sonorities of the orchestra are absolutely true… this SACD is highly recommended as one of the best releases of 2008’
    All Music Guide


Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra

The Seventh is often regarded as Mahler’s 'Cinderella' symphony and, after the tragic theme of the Sixth, proves far more enigmatic. The funereal march of the opening movement gives way to the serene Nachtmusik (night music) movements, and a ghostly scherzo before culminating in a feverishly joyful finale.

Composer   Mahler
Conductor   Valery Gergiev
Performers   London Symphony Orchestra

Track list
1. Symphony No 7 in E Minor: I. Langsam (Adagio) - Allegro con fuoco
2. Symphony No 7 in E Minor: II. Nachtmusik. Allegro moderato
3. Symphony No 7 in E Minor: III. Scherzo. Schattenhaft
4. Symphony No 7 in E Minor: IV. Nachtmusik. Andante amoroso
5. Symphony No 7 in E Minor: V. Rondo-Finale. Allegro ordinario - Allegro moderato ma energico

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