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Janáček: Katya Kabanova – LSO Live

Janáček: Katya Kabanova

  • Catalogue Number LSO0889
    UPC 0822231188926

    Released 23 February 2024

    Andrew Cornall

    Jonathan Stokes (balance engineer) and Neil Hutchinson (recording engineer) for Classic Sound Ltd

    11th & 13th January 2023 in the Barbican Hall, London

    2 Hybrid SACD in cartonsleeves in clamshell digibox
    Booklet in English, French & German
    Libretto in Czech with English translation
    Sung in Czech

    Compatible with all CD players

  • ‘In all aspects, this recording stands out as a vivid and compelling rendition of one of Janáček’s masterpieces. Devotees of the composer will find this performance a must-listen, capturing the essence of one of his finest operatic works.’
    Performance ★★★★★ Sonics ★★★★ ½
    — HR Audio.net

    ‘Orchestrally and vocally, the whole thing is a triumph…’
    — Presto Music

    ‘The LSO are on tremendous form throughout, and what follows is an unflinching journey into both beauty and darkness, as sensuousness repeatedly collides with incipient violence.’
    — Gramophone (Recording of the Month)

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Sir Simon Rattle

London Symphony Orchestra 

The second release in LSO Live's cycle of Janáček opera recordings, "Katya Kabanova" tells a story of love, entrapment and, ultimately, tragedy. The album's cast includes the superb tenor Simon O'Neill and, appearing in one of her signature roles as seen at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Amanda Majeski as Katya.

"Majeski gives such heartfelt commitment to the role of Katya that one worries how she can come back down from the emotional peaks and precipices that she scales."Opera Today

Katya is young, sensitive and desperate for love. But trapped in a remote country village with a bored husband and his snobbish family, she has no way out, until a summer thunderstorm changes everything. Uncompromisingly honest, and pulsing with intensely human emotion, the story of Katya Kabanova is written in music that cuts straight to the chase. The LSO's concert stagings of classic operas always make headlines: and this one was no different. Enjoy this recording, captured live at the Barbican in January 2023 under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle.

Leoš Janáček
Sir Simon Rattle
Amanda Majeski (Katya), Simon O'Neill (Boris), Katarina Dalayman (Kabanicha), Andrew Staples (Tichon), Ladislav Elgr (Kudrjash), Magdalena Kožená (Varvara), Pavlo Hunka (Dikoy), Claire Barnett-Jones (Glasha & Feklusha), Lukáš Zeman (Kuligin)
London Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Chorus

Track list

Disc 1

Katya Kabanova - Act I

  1. Scene 1, Introduction
  2. Scene 1, "Zázrak!"
  3. Scene 1, "Přišel jsi sem lelky chytat?"
  4. Scene 1, "Je baryňa doma?"
  5. Scene 1, "Co pak je?"
  6. Scene 1, "A potom běž domů"
  7. Intermezzo I
  8. Scene 2, "Víš co mi napadlo?"
  9. Scene 2, "Zdráva..."
  10. Scene 2, "Ale nač tobě to vykládám?"
  11. Scene 2, "Což pak už mne nemáš rád?"
  12. Scene 2, "Abych ani otce"

Disc 2

Katya Kabanova - Act II

  1. Scene 1, "Vida, chvástala jsi se"
  2. Scene 1, "Půjdu též se projít"
  3. Scene 1, "Nic zvláštního, jenom jsem trochu nachmelen"
  4. Scene 2, Introduction
  5. Scene 2, "Nikoho tu není!"
  6. Scene 2, "Za vodou, za vodičkou"
  7. Scene 2, "Jste to vy, Katěrino Petrovno?"
  8. Scene 2, "Nuže, shodli jste se?"
  9. Scene 2, "Choď si, dívka, do času"

Katya Kabanova - Act III

  1. Scene 1, Introduction - "Krápe!"
  2. Scene 1, "Celého mne to pokropilo"
  3. Scene 1, "Pssst! Pssst! Zdá se, že je to on!"
  4. Scene 1, "Tu jdou! Maminka jde s nimi!"
  5. Scene 2, "Ach Glašo!"
  6. Scene 2, "Vidět se s ním"
  7. Scene 2, "Proč se tak chovají?"
  8. Scene 2, "Ale smrt nepřichází"
  9. Scene 2, "Svedl nás Bůh!"
  10. Scene 2, "Ale ne!"
  11. Scene 2, "Ptáčci přiletí na mohylu"

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